Social Service Software & Foster Care Software

There are many reasons why you and your agency should consider using KaleidaCare for your Social Service or Foster Care Software needs. Our company is truly committed to partnering with you; doing everything we can to help you succeed. We know providing you with an easy-to-use, easy-to-implement system saves you time and money, which are resources better spent on the people that truly matter, the children, families and individuals you serve.

KaleidaCare enables agencies to:

  • Track new and existing clients along service delivery stages (referral initiated, placed, discharged, etc.)
  • Manage reports for clients, homes, facilities and staff
  • Create reports based on the specific needs of your agency
  • Manage billing, aided by submitting electronic claims
  • Receive notifications and manage deadlines
  • Electronically sign documents by the worker, client and third parties
  • Electronically store documents such as birth certificates, medical records, and prescriptions
  • And so much more!