About KaleidaCare

Based in Austin, Texas, KaleidaCare provides a web-based care management and reporting software solution focused on the needs of social service organizations. By giving everyone involved the information when they need it and how they need it, our solution empowers agencies to enhance care decisions, protect funding and safeguard licensing. The system provides decision makers access to a complete picture of care specifics for individual clients and aggregate outcomes on a historical or real-time snapshot basis.

While KaleidaCare is a technology company, we consider customer support and relationship building our core strengths. With a team that has more than 80 years of combined industry experience in technology and Social Services, KaleidaCare is blazing new trails in service delivery, growth potential, and workflow efficiency – for all sizes of organizations.

KaleidaCare wants to help provide you a way to save time and money, so that your resources are better spent on the people that truly matter…the children and families you serve. With focus on customer support and teamwork, KaleidaCare continues to operate ahead of the curve.  We have been serving social service agencies for 25 years, and currently have over 250 customers within the United States, Canada, Mexico, Kenya and Guam.