Applied Solutions Group

KaleidaCare’s Applied Solutions Group (ASG) is focused on custom solutions to support best practices and improve agency outcomes.

Who We Are

This dedicated team within KaleidaCare provides consulting services, custom software development, and data aggregation and analysis to help you solve business problems and deliver a consistently high quality of care. We work closely with the KaleidaCare development team to ensure that our solutions can be integrated seamlessly with the software. We offer actionable business advice, and the tools and solutions to bring that advice to life.

What We Do

Applied Solutions

Applied Solutions Capabilities:  We work with your agency to develop custom solutions for agency-specific unique requirements. Whether it’s a large project, like moving an entire program off paper and online, or a small project like adding a field to an existing KaleidaCare report, we will help take you to the next level!

Example Project: Paperless Program Transition

We worked one-on-one with key staff in an Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities program to streamline processes and save money. We transitioned them from a paper system where staff were copying, transporting, and filing many forms for each client every day to an online system. We analyzed their current processes and recommended solutions for the agency. Besides enhancing our current software to meet their needs, a custom online application was designed so their shift-based workers could easily and accurately complete the required documentation online. Additionally, a special incident review application was developed to aid their team in documenting review meetings.

The Result: $300,000 of expected annual savings; an ROI of 190% in the first year alone.

Applied Research

KaleidaCare knows that staying on top of social service trends is vital to helping agencies achieve their goals and improve services. We devote resources to initiatives that keep KaleidaCare on the cutting edge of advancements in the field.

Example Project: Mining Caseworker Notes

We partnered with the University of Texas’ School of Social Work on a research project aimed at alerting staff to clients at risk for negative discharge outcomes. Based on this research, KaleidaCare presented a session titled ‘Buried Treasure: Exploring Caseworker Observations for Hidden Gems’ at the FFTA 2014 Annual Conference on Treatment Foster Care. The research utilized a large multi-agency dataset to explore word frequency in case notes in order to identify terms associated with either successful or unsuccessful discharges. The resulting model identified cases resulting in negative discharges with an 85% accuracy rate. These results will be incorporated into KaleidaCare’s software to supply agencies with vital information before a negative event occurs, expediting supportive interventions and facilitating a more proactive approach to meeting client needs.

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