Community & Partnership

KaleidaCare is built on a foundation of partnership with its customers. KaleidaCare promotes this partnership from the sales process onward. A consultative sales process carefully matches the software’s capabilities to the customer’s needs to make sure there is the potential for a long term fit. KaleidaCare’s business model depends on continuing to add value and solve problems, which is reflected in its hiring, training, and processes. This gives prospective customers every reason to have confidence that they are selecting the right vendor to partner with.

Along with a partnership approach to its customers, KaleidaCare also creates a partnership approach to the community of child and family service agencies. This community is more robust than most communities of users, because everyone is using the exact same software through our Software as a Service model.

The KaleidaCare community extends from state associations and local user groups to national organizations and an Annual National User Group. This customer community is important in driving the KaleidaCare product direction as well as a platform for a variety of customers to come together and share best practices. KaleidaCare, through this community, will find ways to help customers become more efficient.

By becoming part of the KaleidaCare community, you gain access to a number of valuable and unique benefits that simply don’t exist with other off-the-shelf products. We have over 20 years of experience and we put it to use every way possible. KaleidaCare strongly supports its community of users. Regular online and in person meetings allow KaleidaCare to share best practices, solicit ideas, and promote the sharing of customer experiences. An Annual National User Group meeting in Austin is held to further promote best practices, both around the practical application of the KaleidaCare tools and other ideas that promote financial and clinical quality. Furthermore, customers on a statewide basis augment KaleidaCare’s official support by helping each other. KaleidaCare is proud to promote and belong to a growing community of users committed to quality.