Document Management Lite

KaleidaCare is excited to introduce its newest version, Document Management LITE. This version allows any agency to upload their paper or electronic documents into our proven solution.  Agencies who are on paper or agencies that may use another software, can use KaleidaCare to upload and store their mission critical files in a HIPAA compliant manner.  For an extremely low set up fee ($250) and no contract, month to month fee ($150/month), even the smallest agencies can store their mission critical files and documents.

Social Service Agencies have many different documents and files that are needed to be available in order for them to do their day-to-day tasks.  These documents include anything from medical records, birth certificates, court papers, consent forms, and more.  Once uploaded, documents will be readily available for access from any where and anytime as well as share them with team members.  Documents and files can be any file type, including Word Documents, PDFs and photographs.  Files can be searched and filtered for quick finds, and all data is stored in a HIPAA compliant manner that limits HIPAA violations or misplaced documents.  Agencies can determine the amount of storage space needed.

To see a video of the software in action, click here.

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