Electronic Approval

Users and Managers can electronically sign forms and notes in KaleidaCare. No more printing and pushing papers for signatures!

Our Electronic Signature Feature allows users to attest and certify their signature by re-entry of the user’s encrypted, unique password. Once signed, the record is locked and cannot be altered unless user permission has been granted.

Need multiple signatures? We have you covered. As they sign, users can route a form to the next staff person. This person will get an email notification and the requested action will show up on the Tickler report. Multiple users can sign the same form at multiple times. The final result includes an electronic image of your signature on the screen or printed report.

Need a client to sign? How about a third-party signature such as a therapist or a parent? KaleidaCare’s electronic feature also allows for clients and third-parties to sign even while you’re offsite. We make signing and approving quick and easy!