Executive Team

Meet our executive team. With decades of experience working with the Social Service industry, KaleidaCare’s executive team are not only knowledgeable about the tools required to assist with the day-to-day job duties of social workers but also genuinely care about everyone involved in the process.

Alistair Deakin

Chief Executive Officer and President

After starting his career working for Legal Services in Atlanta, he quickly branched into a management capacity with organizations that had a strong social mission. In 2007, Alistair was invited by the KaleidaCare investors to consider becoming CEO. He was so impressed, he bought the company. He knew there was a significant need for an affordable, easy to use software system that brought immediate benefit to agencies in the field of child and family services. In addition to leading the company, Alistair works to promote best practices throughout Child and Family Services, as a speaker and consultant within the field. He somehow also finds time to enjoy his 3 children, his family in England, Mexico and South Korea, and indulging his favorite addiction Manchester City ‘football.’

Dr. Kelly Gober Stepura

Executive Vice President of Applied Research and Solutions

Kelly is proud to be KaleidaCare’s longest serving team member. She has a PhD in Social Work from The University of Texas at Austin and leads KaleidaCare’s new Applied Solutions Group, providing consulting services and customized development to a growing list of customers. Her gift is understanding the true needs of agencies and children, and being able to translate that into technical specifications. She writes code for fun, but you might also find her playing the piano or running along the Greenbelt in Austin. You want her on your trivia team.

Kelly wrote a blog during her journey to New Zealand. Click here to read her blog about her New Zealand trip for KaleidaCare.

Jenna Kitley

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Jenna has been with KaleidaCare for over 10 years helping new agencies see the KaleidaCare light. She strongly believes in the power of KaleidaCare and feels her honesty in the ‘education’ process is essential to working with child and family service agencies. Through past work experiences in Juvenile Probation, Hospice & School Social Work, Jenna wanted to change her focus from a micro to a macro level of social change and did so by joining KaleidaCare leaving her LMSW degree to take a direct service break. In her free time, Jenna enjoys tracking sports triumphs of her alma mater, Vanderbilt, traveling to Florida to spend time with her family, hanging out with her husband and chasing after her two year old boy and baby girl. Her beloved pet, Penny Lane, a rescue fox hound, serves as the KaleidaCare office mascot.