Financial Tools

Billing through a Case Management Software has never been easier!

Things that Set KaleidaCare Apart:

  • Billing is built on top of the Case Management tools, making it easier for your users to document. Users complete their normal documentation, and KaleidaCare will create the bills automatically. There is no need to fill out billing sheets anymore.
  • Implementation is quick. Agencies can send bills through KaleidaCare in as little as 8 weeks. Quick training brings quicker revenue!
  • The software is simple for everyone. KaleidaCare is intuitive for both your clinical staff and your billing staff who can be quickly trained on all the necessary tools.

Things that Make Billing with us Easier:

  • Bill creation, invoicing, payment calculations: Agencies can print out paper 1500s, invoices, or send electronic bills in the 837P format. Agencies can also automate per diem calculations for billing and foster parent payments.
  • Units: KaleidaCare units can be duration based so users do not have to do math. This helps with user adoption as well as reducing errors.
  • Electronic signatures: This reduces the amount of paper pushing and can speed up the billing process.
  • Authorizations: Authorizations will either expire or be used as services are completed. KaleidaCare includes authorization tracking to see a count-down as well as a warning report. This will alert staff to get additional authorizations to ensure payment for services provided.
  • Validation: Agencies can validate a claim to ensure it is complete and has all billing requirements, maximizing revenue, decreasing extra work and the need to rebill.
  • Approval: Agencies can customize who can approve bills ensuring that only compliant billable notes are submitted for payment.