Intelligent Process Administration

KaleidaCare’s navigation is easy and intuitive, just what you want from your software!
Our Tickler Follow up feature allows users to manage follow up reminders for all of their case activities. Reminders can be set for anything from an annual heath care visit, to a 90 day treatment plan review, a 7 day incident follow up, or even a required bi-weekly face-to-face contact.

Our email notifications inform key staff of when important data has been entered into the system. Whether you need to know about the completion of an Incident, Treatment Plan, or a Placement, we have you covered with a HIPAA Compliant Email.

Our “What’s Next” Feature can help get users in their groove by guiding them through a workflow process to complete necessary documentation.

Searching just got easier…and cooler! OneKare Search is a powerful search engine within KaleidaCare. Simply type in the name of a tool, client, foster home, or anything else, and within seconds you are there!