KaleidaCare Premium

KaleidaCare’s software solution is an all-encompassing, secure online system built to save agencies time and money by helping them manage client data more accurately and efficiently. With focus on customer relationships, support and teamwork, KaleidaCare’s software solution enables agencies to:

  • Track and place new and existing clients.
  • Manage reports for clients, homes, facilities and staff.
  • Create reports based on the specific needs of the agency.
  • Manage billing, aided by submitting electronic claims
  • Receive notifications and manage deadlines.
  • Electronically sign documents by the worker, client and third parties.
  • Electronically store documents such as medical records, birth certificates and prescriptions.

We pride ourselves on providing useful, easy-to-use, easy-to-learn features in our Social Service Software solution. Saving your agency time and money is our priority.