KaleidaCare360 Dashboard


KaleidaCare offers a powerful dashboard that provides a 360° view of your agency’s data. With KaleidaCare360, you can quickly get high-level, meaningful charts and statistics that are vital to your agency, such as active clients, client status changes, lengths of service, levels of care, incidents, occupancy rates, and so much more!

Use KaleidaCare360 to track progress on customized goals, gauge the health and performance of your agency, and even to monitor the accuracy and quality of your agency’s data.


  • 34 reports to graphically represent client and home/facility statistics.
  • Four dashboard reports are on the home page: Active Clients, Incidents, Client Status and Occupancy. Double click on any home page report to drill down to a more detailed view of the data.
  • Downloadable Reports for easy storage or sharing.
  • Downloadable CSV data files for additional statistical review or additional data manipulation/number crunching.

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