COVID-19 Funding Guide for Nonprofits

We understand that during this challenging time, sifting through the noise to find actionable information can be overwhelming.  KaleidaCare is committed to supporting our partners through this crisis in any way that we can and, with this goal in mind, we have been curating and compiling the resources we think might be the most helpful for you.

We will be sharing these resources with you as we continue to put them together over the coming weeks, starting with this overview of funding resources. Our team has been combing through the many online resources on COVID funding opportunities for nonprofits and wanted to share with you the ones that we have found most valuable.

CARES Act for Nonprofits

Independent Sector and the National Council of Nonprofits have both put together some fantastic resources on the requirements and application process for nonprofits to request funding that has been made available through the CARES Act.

First, check out this two page overview of loans available to nonprofits in the CARES Act from the National Council of Nonprofits.

Next, we suggest reviewing Independent Sector’s online CARES Act guide, which includes a breakdown of resources available to Individuals, Small Nonprofits, and Large Nonprofits. They share their top 5 tips to start:

  1. Contact your bank (banks will be administering the SBA programs)
  2. When in doubt, file an application to see if you qualify
  3. Confirm state and local considerations
  4. Remember good governance
  5. Seek additional relief from other funding source

COVID Response Grants

Available Resources and Important Policies by State

Upcoming Webinars on COVID Funding for Nonprofits

  1. Wednesday, April 15th: GrantSpace by Candid – Raising Funds in the COVID-19 Era
  2. Wednesday, April 29th: GrantSpace by Candid – Attaining Corporate and Philanthropic Support During COVID-19

If you have any additional resources you’d like us to add or suggested topics for us to explore in our next resource roundup, please let us know!