Is Your Client Data Protected?

Is your organization vigilant about keeping client data secure?

Are there items falling through the cracks on a daily basis you don’t know about?

Foster care agencies today are taking more precautions to ensure their clients’ data is protected. Many have adopted a software system to help them track, send reminders and manage their daily tasks. Yet are many still struggling to be HIPAA compliant?

With new changes in technology and updated regulations, there are more opportunities for staff to reveal protected client information without even knowing it. These include:

  • Posting a picture on social media that may have a revealing image in the background by accident.
  • Making comments to a social media or online post that could reveal protected client information.
  • Attaching an image with protected client information to a non-encrypted email and sending it.
  • Syncing devices with protected client information to a business entity without an agreement in place.
  • Asking peers about a case when they have no authorization to the case.

KaleidaCare is a complete case management system that is secure and HIPAA compliant. More than 250 agencies nation-wide use KaleidaCare to track, manage and report outcomes for their operation. 

To see KaleidaCare’s complete case management software in action, contact our Social Work & Technology Specialist, Jamie Stroble at [email protected].  

Thank you for everything you do in our communities!