Lutheran Services Carolinas

How Has KaleidaCare’s Software Solution Transformed Your Agency?

Written by Matt Hembree, Quality Management Director of Lutheran Services Carolinas

Before KalediaCare, our agency had been using another software solution system. There were many promises made that we later learned were not even possible in the system. Even from the initial training there was confusion, frustration, and complete lack of clarity. During the training process for that software solution, we were told there was no manual, when we asked questions in the training process, the responses were like we were buying a car – i.e. when asked what the system could do, and responses were “what do you want it to do?”
As we went along through the process, promise after promise was broken. Our software solution was actually two actual websites. They promised that unification of the two sites would solve all of our problems. However, when that eventually happened, it solved none of our problems. This process was a complete nightmare for Lutheran Services Carolinas.

So…how has KaleidaCare’s software solution transformed our agency?

Selection Process

During our process of selecting a new software solution, we had demonstrations with many large software solution companies. Most of them hit us with their full sales pitches. Everything we could think of and more was promised to us- no matter how realistic. With KaleidaCare, our sales rep, Jenna Kitley, provided a refreshing, honest, no pressure approach. She was available to us whenever needed, and was completely honest with what the system could do, and more importantly, what it could not do.

This was invaluable to us in the process. We really felt that Jenna was far more honest with us than any other software solution representatives. As I told Suzanha Pena, “I researched about 10 companies and sat through a number of demos, and KaleidaCare was one of them. We went with KaleidaCare because their software had the right mix of functionalities to do everything we needed, their price was right but also the people felt right too, with a good reputation. Plus their reporting tool was capable of giving us many different data points, compilations and charting information to meet our business operations.”

How did the selection process transform our agency? For myself, and the rest of the executive team, we had been hearing the frustrations of our staff (and had our own) for almost a year. I was the main contact for the agency, so I often served as a buffer in the communication between the agency and the software solution agency. Months and months of discouraging conversations led to a feeling of hopelessness for our team and our agency. We began to question ourselves. Was it our requests that were too difficult? What if we had done something a different way? Didn’t we already discuss that before, and weren’t we told that it could be done? While we made our own share of mistakes in the implementation process, and may have had some disagreements with our software solution provider about some of these questions – it was clear that there were many unmet promises, our current provider even acknowledged that. That made us all sad, frustrated, and with a sinking feeling of hopelessness. That was transformed for our team after our demos with Jenna. There was now hope. We didn’t feel like it was just us, or that our questions were too outlandish. We had renewed hope.

Onsite Training

After we decided on KaleidaCare, we were put in contact with our senior consultant, Trish Murphy. We are a unique provider, in that we provide a very large array of different types of services that are all billed through completely different procedures to differing entities. This was a challenge for our previous software solution, and to be honest, would be challenging to some extent for any software solution. I assembled our set up team, trying to include a representative of all of our differing programs. Our team consisted of 12 – 15 people, and there was nervous optimism about the relief from our current provider. We did include some staff in a demo to get their input in the decision process, so there was already a buzz about KaleidaCare. However, considering our previous experiences, had varying levels of skepticism.

Trish was from the outset, wonderful. To say that sometimes we as a group can be challenging, might be under selling it a bit J However, through multiple calls with all of our staff the skepticism began to erode. The skepticism began to morph into optimism. Once our onsite training began (7/11/16) the optimism had morphed into excitement.

How did the onsite training transform our agency? It might not be possible to put that into words but I will try. First, it should be noted that we carefully selected out set up team. That was no easy room Trish walked into on day one of training. Many of them had questions they were waiting to ask before even hearing a minute of training. As the hours and days rolled by of training more and more “YAYs” and “WOWs” emerged from our curious crew. Folks who came from another state for the training (we cover two states) stayed overnight and went to dinner at night with Trish, discussing into late hours details of the program and how it fits us. The day we did form creation, everyone involved truly embraced the process. We have folks, who I am pretty sure are still as I type this creating forms, they enjoy it that much.

As I sit here today, in our final day of training (just for billing staff – we are using the billing module), the reactions from our finance staff have been like a rock concert. Cheers! Clapping! YAYs! I kid you not.


Now, reader, you might be wondering, how could an agency, who literally is just now completing the first round of training today be transformed? I think that speaks to the quality of KaleidaCare’s product and the people who represent them. In just our little exposure to KaleidaCare, we have already transformed to a frustrated group of software solution users to an energetic, motivated, excited group who is very much looking forward to our second round of training and then immediately following go live date.