Our Commitment Remains

On behalf of the entire KaleidaCare team, we want to affirm our commitment to supporting you and your agencies during this incredibly challenging and unprecedented time. The COVID-19 pandemic and declared federal state of emergency have demonstrated how incredibly connected the world has become and that, when it comes to global health, we’re in it together. Our team has stayed hard at work on-boarding new agencies, offering full support to our existing partners, and continuing to develop services, such as helping customers establish telehealth documentation to allow providers to deliver services remotely.

We are fully prepared to handle your changing needs during this time, however we recognize that these widespread changes may be having a significant impact on how your agency is operating day-to-day. KaleidaCare’s solution is a flexible, web-based software, offering your team the ability to work remotely from anywhere. More than just a software vendor, we are a partner to our customers and our team is here to help during this challenging time.  

KaleidaCare will continue to closely monitor local, state and federal government recommendations and changes that impact our customers. We will also be following up with some resources to assist in a small way during this extraordinary time, including:

  • Best practices for remote work
  • Free online educational resources for children in your care
  • Emergency non-profit resources

Most importantly, we wanted to let you know we are here for you, operating in full force, and prepared to support your changing needs. Please let us know what we can do to assist you during these challenging times.

Thank you so much for everything you do in our communities.