Kaleidacare’s Suite of Products

KaleidaCare’s Suite of Products offers different agencies options depending on their need at the time. Whether an agency is looking for a completely new system or wants to try out one of their programs on our system, KaleidaCare has the product for you.

As a web-based system, KaleidaCare is highly effective for documentation in the field on tablets or laptops. Users may also work from home or a local community location, which aids agencies in productivity. KaleidaCare is built to standards that permit it to run on all standard Internet browsers. KaleidaCare can be integrated with other software systems to enable seamless reporting and eliminate double entry. With KaleidaCare products, agencies do not burden internal staff with the need to maintain servers, or keep data secure and backed-up. KaleidaCare’s business model allows for an enterprise software solution to be available to agencies without a dedicated IT department, computer science degree or a large budget. KaleidaCare’s products allows an agency to be HIPAA compliant in relation to access, encryption and extensive firewall protection and monitoring.