Reporting & Outcomes

The KaleidaCare report library contains over 100 clinical, administrative, financial, and outcome based reports. Additionally, KaleidaCare allows you to pull virtually any data point from your system, compiling and even charting the information to meet your organization’s needs. The data is real-time so your reports are up-to- the-minute, showing compliance and accountability. Meeting your reporting requirements couldn’t be easier!

Just a few of our mission-critical reports:

  • Open Bed Listings – A user can determine which home/facilities have a bed available on the inclusion and exclusion of other children.
  • Clients Served – Clients served report allows a user to pick a time frame and grouping options, as well as data points to pull into the report.
  • Case Note Reports – Total the type of time spent per program, per client, per time period or per staff. Not only will this report show the actual notes, it will also aggregate the amount of time and number of times each type of contact occurred.
  • Occupancy Rate – Agencies can determine the occupancy of their homes, shelters, apartments or residential cottages/dorms.
  • Foster Parent Payment Report – A simple report can be pulled to tell what each foster home is owed based on placement, transfer and discharge dates owed based on the associated rates, placement, transfer and discharge dates.
  • Incident Aggregate – Incidents can be totaled by home, client, staff, program and months. The totals report will show outcomes and number of specific issues that the agency decides to track like medication errors, restraints, injuries or behavioral issues.
  • Discharge Outcomes – KaleidaCare allows agencies to configure the outcomes they are looking to track on discharges. These include examples like reasons for discharge, type of discharge, discharge location and discharge restrictiveness.
  • Home Status – Facilities and foster homes can be monitored on many different levels in KaleidaCare. These reports allow a user to view information about the lifecycle of that home from inquiry to closure and the steps along the way.
  • Medication Administration Report – KaleidaCare prints out a chart for workers or foster parents to initial when a client was given the medication.
  • Event Reasons – KaleidaCare will aggregate the reasons a client moves through the stages of your programs.