Software as a Service Technology

Software is no longer a luxury in social services. It is a necessity for agencies:

  • To keep up with ever changing compliance regulations.
  • Manage the challenges of operating an agency.
  • Manage the increasingly complex billing requirements.

The question is how do agencies afford not only to buy the software, but to bear all the costs of implementation, support and training that a powerful software system requires?

KaleidaCare addresses this problem by embracing the advantages of the Software-as-a-Service model through its web-based product. KaleidaCare is built to be browser independent.

Don’t Fret over HIPAA Compliance!

Worrying about HIPAA compliance can take time away from your true purpose; helping clients! The KaleidaCare application accommodates the necessary requirements to allow an agency to be HIPAA compliant in relation to access, security and privacy. KaleidaCare’s security features are both technical (128-bit encryption, password encryption, URL encryption, and extensive firewall protection and monitoring) and feature-driven (usernames and passwords, permissions to access particular records and types of records).

State Requirements Changing? We’ve got you covered!

For 25 years, KaleidaCare has supported its customer agencies through numerous and significant changes in requirements. KaleidaCare has the ability and flexibility to change our software based on state and nation-wide policy changes.